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Provide  products their own identification, enabling an easier management while enhancing garment protection.



Helping laundries to handle large volumes of garments, uniforms and linens from diverse industries and organizations, including hotels, hospitals, restaurants, etc.




Streamline laundry processes of big quantities of towels and bedding, minimizing also loss or theft while providing accurate billing and inventory information.




Make easier large volumes of medical textiles management, ensuring efficient cleaning, sterilization and inventory control to enhance infection control and patient safety.



Track and manage garments and linens used by patients or residents, enhancing hygiene control, simplifying inventory management and ensuring proper garment distribution.



RFID laundry solutions helps  enabling the management of garments, linens, and textiles in commercial laundry operations. These solutions enable laundries to track and manage large volumes of items through the laundry process, ensuring efficient sorting, tracking and all garments management.




Reduced Labor Costs

By implementing automated laundry tracking and management solutions, businesses can improve working efficiency. This includes a reduction in manual inventory counting, sorting and searching of garment and linens, leading to lower labor costs.

Extended Linen Lifespan

Some of the tougher RFID tracking solutions will last for up to 200 laundry cycles, enabling a precise management and easy tracking during a extended period of time to achieve an improved quality maintenance.

Linen Retirement Tracking Improvement

Effective rag-out detection and linen replacement management, ensuring that tagged items are discarded when they can no longer be used.

Increased Safety and Hygiene

Prevent contagious infections in hotels and specially in hospitals with a proper handling and cleaning of bed sheets and gowns, enabling also detection of inappropriate disposal in case it happens.

Improved Customer Service

RFID laundry solutions can provide customers with detailed information on the status and location of their garments and linens, improving customer service and satisfaction.

Solution components

RFID laundry tags

These tags are specifically designed for tracking individual textile items, such as uniforms, towels, linens…They can be sewn into, heat-sealed or pouched onto fabric items.

RFID Handheld Readers

Handheld readers are useful for spot checks, inventory audits, or identifying specific items. Laundry staff can use them to quickly scan and track individual garments or linen pieces.

These readers are installed in conveyor-based systems or tunnels through which laundry items pass. They provide high-speed reading capabilities to capture the RFID tags' information as items move in bulk.

RFID Software

RFID Software

It provides real-time visibility into the status of each item, allowing for real time inventory visibility and management, letting laundry operations achieve a higher accuracy, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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