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More accurate just-in-time deliveries by ensuring assets visibility tracking throughout the entire supply chain.



Optimize asset utilization, streamline production processes, and improve maintenance operations.




Improve inventory control, shipment tracking, and overall supply chain efficiency



Prevent loss or misplacement of critical assets, ensuring timely maintenance and sterilization.



Accurate asset inventory visibility, improving stock replenishment processes & enhancing store operations.


Asset types


With this RFID solution optimize and automate production and supply chain management processes by providing real-time visibility to asset and component tracking and traceability. This RFID solutions helps business tracking assets as they move through a facility allowing employees to see their locations in real-time, gaining visibility into equipment status, and plan better resource uses. Visibility throughout the whole supply chain improves efficiency and enables more accurate just-in-time deliveries for all parties involved, enhancing logistics and supply chain management.




Loss Reduction

The expense of replacing assets that have been lost or misplaced can harm a company’s profitability. Avoid these situations while lessen also the time-consuming manual procedure of locating assets.

ROI increasement

Affordable RFID asset tracking system makes using the solution accessible for companies of diverse revenue levels, RFID tags provides also an improved durability. Actual companies in the manufacturing, logistics, and retail sectors have achieved even 200% ROI after implementation.

Easier Management

Staff can keep an eye on inventory levels, not only at the workplace but also following the supply chain, and even identify costly operational delays caused by issues with tracking and traceability of assets & components.

Processes Optimization

By ensuring assets and components are in the right location at the right time, the data gathering procedure is automated, enabling organizations to receive precise updates in real-time, so as manual labor time and costs can be effectively cut down.

Solution components

Robust RFID hard tags or soft labels for assets with irregular surfaces that can withstand harsh environments, such as outdoor or industrial settings, providing identification and tracking functions.

Handheld, desktop devices that read RFID signals from nearby tags and transmits this information to the data platform, some readers counts with GPS or Wi-Fi for extended capabilities.

RFID Software

RFID Software

Web-based software system that manages and analyzes data captured by RFID readers, providing a centralized database with real-time location, status and condition of assets throughout their lifecycle.

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