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The best defense against retail theft and loss events to maximize retail security with EAS systems.






A large variety of products are sold in supermarkets and Hypermarkets every day. External and internal theft affect considerably to store’s profitability. Loss prevention should be effective and reliable, since margins are relatively small in this consumers’ segment. Nevertheless, each type of product asks for a different approach. To offer the best protection, Century provides the best solution to protect each type of product; all kinds of tag and labels will be used to meet the different demands such as cloth, cosmetic, alcohol, living articles, foods, etc.






Shoplifting and internal counterfeit are still the main reasons that cause shrinkage in the apparel (fashion) and footwear industry. Retailers have to protect their products and assets to prevent losses. At the same time, security measures should not scare off customers. Most retailers are investing a significant percentage of their resources in improving their loss prevention measures. Century provide advanced solutions for loss prevention and intelligent products solutions by EAS hard tags, labels, antennas and accessories. We help retailers to prevent losses and optimize merchandise availability effectively.






Stores in the beauty & personal care sell a wide variety of items that are attractive to occasional or professional thieves. Some articles are small in size, which make them easy to hide, some are expensive and highly wanted amongst shoplifters. Retailers, pharmacies and drugstores that are active in this market segment invest an important amount of money and resources in loss prevention measures. Century provides numerous EAS hardware and accessories such as tags, labels, antennas for reliable retail security and identification solutions.






Electronics stores stock highly popular and expensive merchandise, as well as in the “Do It Yourself” (DIY) retail sector and in hardware industry, merchants report an increase of retail shrinkage. Electronics, home appliances, media products, batteries, drilling machines, power tools, door locks, etc. are major attraction to thieves in this environment. Century offers protection solutions based on EAS technology for electronics, small hand-tools and expensive home appliances, such as Multi Alarming Tags, Display Security Systems solutions, safer boxes, specialized labels, multifunctional tags, antennas and other complimentary accessories.



Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a predominant solution for retailers wanting to protect their merchandise. It is a type of technology that prevents shoplifting, and EAS is most often used in retail stores, such as apparel stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc., but can also be found in libraries and office buildings.


Century Solution EAS tags

An EAS tag or label must be attached to an item (there are a wide variety of Multitags, hard tags, labels, open-display tags able to meet extended application needs)

Century Solution detacher

Staff will detach or deactivate the according tags/labels once the payment is done

Century Solution EAS systems

EAS antennas are installed at the store’s entry and exit points, alarming in case someone were exiting the store with not paid merchandise

Management platform allowing real time alerts, remote callibration and data processing for a smarter in-store management



Theft Deterrence

EAS tags and antennas acts as a powerful deterrent for potential shoplifters while being merchandise protective (even delicate fabrics or special materials).

Brand Enhancement, Increased Profitability

While reducing theft and shrinkage, EAS systems contribute to higher profit margins and a more stable bottom line due to improved open merchandising effects.

Data Analytics & Real-time Alerts

This all-in-one retail service Cloud Platform helps providing business data analytics and abnormal situation alerts insights for a more profitable retail management.


EAS systems can be scaled to accommodate your store's growth, ensuring continued security as your business expands.


hard tag

With more than 20 years of experience, the company offers not only the traditional tags, but also featured tags such as round or pencil tags, fireproof ink tags, bottle tags…


The company offers SLS (Single Lock systems) and DLS (Double Locking systems with diversified Magnets), providing customers different choices according to ultimate business application needs.

RF labels

EAS labels offers extended application possibilities. While providing multiple shapes and model sizes, these type of labels can be also customized according to customers needs.

detachers & deactivators

EAS security tags detachers and electronic deactivators ensuring high levels of merchandise protection and an improved shopping experience after making legal transactions in store.


Consisting of various cable tags, pin tags and multi grips that takes protection to the next level, these alarming tags are based on advanced and reliable multi-alarm technology.

Century Solution EAS systems

Antennas with high detection performance, remote control, people counting and metal detection functions to enhance theft prevention effects while providing the most customer friendly solution to the store.

Century Solution DSS


Display Security products helps to pinpoint in-store alarm trends, to keep merchandise secure when being openly displayed and at the touch experience of all customers.

Century Solution EAS Cloud Platform

EAS Software

User-friendly comprehensive IoT platform. The system can satisfy devices monitoring, 

smart alerts, security demands and data analytics needs for all different types of retail business.

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