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Inventory Visibility & Management

Enabling a clearly visible and monitoreable Inventory information, improving operational efficiency and reducing stockouts




No matter the merchandise quantity, make everything easier and faster by realizing your stock counting electronically



Get a clear merchandise classification and stock status, providing business insights for timely replenishment or product updates.



Provide garment an unique Brand ID and ensure product availability throughout the entire sales cycle



Get Jewelry and related certifications information in just seconds while improving in-store consumer experiences.



In the modern retail industry, the majority of the entities have already realized the importance of a clear and easily accountable inventory, but some other business still do not know how essential RFID is to increase tasks efficiency and provide a service with real quality to all consumers. In order to achieve a quick response service, enhance efficiency, avoid mistakes and delays due to confusing inventory information, ensuring inventory accuracy is a paramount issue to deal with for all growing retail companies.




 Inventory Visibility

Location and status of inventory items tracking in real-time. This means you can access accurate inventory status at any time, avoiding overstocking or understocking and enhancing optimal inventory management.

Accelerated Speed

>150 pcs in 5 seconds. To reach an accurate and accelerated merchandise receipt/deliver processes.

Reduced Costs and Mistakes

Inventory Management solution helps Automating inventory management tasks, such as Stock counting, replenishment and order processing, reducing noticeably labor costs.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

RFID Inventory Management streamlines various inventory-related tasks, including tracking, replenishment, and order processing. By automating these processes, your operations become more efficient, saving both time and labor costs.

Anti-counterfeiting & More

Give every item an unique and traceable code, enabling counterfeiting, tracing to the source, checking of whether if every item has fulfilled all the necessary checks and processes, etc.   

Solution components

Century Solution RFID labels

Great variety of high-performance, durable and reliable RFID labels/tags suitable for all the most demanded retail merchandise.

Century Solution RFID readers

Handheld readers, desktop readers, fitting room readers, pedestal reader, printers... ensuring reliable RFID data collection.

Century Solution  RFID Cloud Platform

RFID Software

RFID Cloud Management platform, providing inventory data, analytics and more functions to realize smart inventory management.

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