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Eco RFID: How is a completely environmentally friendly RFID tag?


The concept of an environmentally-friendly RFID label may appear straightforward to some, but are its implications as easy as we might think? It means changing traditional etching technology to printing technology, reducing pollution generated during etching and cleaning, and using paper-based materials instead of PET as the carrier material for the RFID antenna. So, in practice, there are many challenges to be overcome.

RFID technology has established a strong presence across diverse sectors including retail, publishing, industrial operations, and logistics warehousing. According to research by AIoT Star Map Research Institute, it is anticipated that the worldwide distribution of UHF RFID tags will surpass 39 billion in 2023. This market is currently experiencing rapid expansion, with tag shipments exhibiting an annual growth rate of 20%.

With such rapid market and technology development, an increasing number of downstream customers are choosing RFID. However, as downstream customers gain a deeper understanding of RFID, they have a question: Is the production of the labels environmentally friendly? It is well known that this is one of the major pain point in label production. In the production process, the antenna is made through etching and cleaned with pure water, which causes a certain level of environmental pollution. Previously, the emphasis was on the swift advancement of technology, but do people understand the repercussions of this progress? Billions of labels, what extent of environmental harm does that signify?

For every 20 billion RFID labels produced, about 2.2 million kilograms of PET are used, which is equivalent to approximately 30 square kilometers of PET film. Based on the current annual label shipment volume, this means consuming 4 million kilograms of PET per year, along with a significant amount of water resources. Given these factors, there exists significant market potential for environmentally sustainable labels.
Environmentally friendly labels provide comprehensive environmental protection throughout the entire materials and manufacturing processes. Initially, there was a widespread belief that incorporating environmentally friendly materials and transitioning from etching to screen printing and other eco-friendly processes would facilitate the production of environmentally sustainable labels after numerous trials.However, the actual difficulty far exceeds the initial expectations. Process improvement needs to meet the demand for mass production, and the slurry’s formulation also requires constant experimentation.

Currently, certain prominent brands encounter a significant challenge in the RFID domain. Major brand proprietors require tailor-made antennas to uphold brand exclusivity, reflecting an inevitable trend in brand protection. In response to this challenge, Century Solution's environmentally friendly RFID labels offer adaptable structuring. In contrast to the substantial expenses associated with re-exposure for etching and plate-making, printed antennas do not necessitate plate-making costs and also yield time cost advantages over traditional etching methods. Through the utilization of customized labels, Century Solution is capable of integrating antenna printing during the labeling process, exemplifying a streamlined and cost-effective solution.

Century Solution's environmentally friendly RFID labels embody comprehensive environmental protection across the entire spectrum of production processes and composite processing consumables, transcending mere "one-sided" environmental considerations.
As the national policy of carbon neutrality steadily progresses, the principles of environmental protection and sustainable development are gradually permeating the consciousness of every industry participant. Numerous large corporate conglomerates have already embarked on endeavors to adopt more environmentally friendly approaches in reducing carbon emissions within their production activities.

Moving forward, Century Solution is poised to embrace the RFID market with an open and collaborative mindset, actively encouraging more companies to partake in the research and production of environmentally friendly RFID solutions. Only through collective efforts to promote the concept of environmental protection can we attain the goal of future carbon neutrality. Century Solution remains committed to optimizing and exploring technological breakthroughs in the development of environmentally friendly RFID antenna products, providing high-quality solutions that align with the principles of environmental preservation.


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