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Century Solution RFID providing whole Supply chain data connectivity and streamlining efficiency

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

The following real case study showcases how Century Solution successfully assisted in the transformation of a business model while offering insights into how their RFID solutions can provide customers with a competitive edge by eliminating information silos and streamlining operations. The study also highlights the benefits that can be achieved through the utilization of Century Solution's advanced data analytics capabilities.

JNBY is a leading fast fashion brand in China. Founded in 1994, by 2022 JNBY had a total of 2,000 physical retail stores worldwide, with 1,937 located in China and the rest in countries like Japan, Russia, and Australia. The company has a complete digital supply chain system. As early as 2013, this company, which owns 8 fashion brands targeting different audiences, started using Century Solution's RFID tags to realize anti-counterfeiting and prevent cross-selling.

At the same time, this implementation has also improved remarkably the business working efficiency, just as mentions JNBY Chengxi Store's Manager (Hangzhou, China) in the following statement:
"In Summer, for a routine inventory taking, we used to have 2 person needing 4 hours to complete the stock counting for just 2,000 pieces of clothing. Nowadays, we don’t need to extend working hours to complete the work. It takes us only 10 minutes and 2000 pieces will be fully located and then uploaded to the system. This efficiency uplifting is most astonishing!"
RFID Solution has proved to have real effects in tackling refund frauds too:
"Due to the fact that our hangtags have chips inside, all authentic and tagged JNBY products have their own unique identification. So if a customer brings clothes to the store for after-sales issues, other external products cannot be recognized as JNBY products. To sum up, I think there are 3 points: fast, convenient, and efficient. Specifically, it really helps saving time and effort."

And how was the implementation process like? Century Solution’s Project Implementation Manager will give you a brief introduction regarding this topic:
"In 2019, we started to deploy a complete set of RFID solutions in JNBY's all supply chain stages. The implementation process took 6 months, we installed desktop readers in more than 200 factories; 6 tunnels and 30 desktop readers in their warehouse centers; and also 2,000 stores has been equipped with handheld readers, desktop readers, anti-theft antennas and among them more than 80 stores have adopted Smart fitting room systems. Our RFID solution has improved item-level stock accuracy, omnichannel process, cycle stock counting and data analysis for business insights... Through these digital and smart applications, enterprises will have a much more efficient supply chain management."


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