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Inventory Visibility & Management

Enabling a clearly visible and monitoreable lnventory information, liberate your operations from prolonged inaccuracies.

Century Solution drives three pivotal aspects of your inventory and merchandise strategy: Availability, Assortment and Up-to-date.

By harnessing these elements, the Solution enables business planning and execution methods enhancement, ensuring a smooth flow of merchandise from procurement all the way to in-season operations.

In the face of escalating customer expectations for product availability, variety, and lastest updates, retailers are contending with truncated product lifecycles, burgeoning assortment variations, and fluctuations between best seling items and surplus stock. In this dvnamic landscape, a platform to uncomplicate intricacies and swiftly adapt to evolving dynamics is indispensable.

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Say goodbye to time-consuming manual stocktaking with our automated inventory counts. With just a few clicks, easily access detailed stock information, ensuring accurate levels for seamless customer service and increased sales. As a result, not only discrepancies and time spent in stock counting will be significantly reduced, but also the time searching items, realizing also a more satisfactory customer experience.

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Gain deep insights into your inventory's health with real-time data on stock values, discrepancies, and surplus amounts. Visualize at first glance the surplus beyond the planned, quickly identifying whether it is due to overstocking, inaccurate demand forecasting, or inefficient inventory management practices. Efficiently reduce storage costs, improve supply chain efficiency according to consumer demands and stay ahead of the competition by knowing exactly what's in stock and what's selling well.

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Expedite order processing with quick inbound and outbound order confirmations. By minimizing procurement risks and ensuring accurate inventory entries, you'l be able to fulfill orders faster, leading to happier customers and increased loyalty. With smoother operations, business can focus on delivering exceptional service.

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Safeguard product quality and authenticity by tracing label origins and histories.Prevent issues like counterfeiting and ensure customer confidence in your products. With our advanced tracing capabilities, you can track every product's journey from production to sale, ensuring only genuine items reach your customers.

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Customize clothing assortments based on detailed analytics of fitting roomusage patterns. By understanding what customers are trying on and purchasing, you can optimize yourinventory to meet demand, reduce returns, and increase sales. Develop a more accurate and effective stockstrategy by leveraging real-time, data-driven shopping trends, ultimately creating a shopping experiencethat keeps customers coming back for more.

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Harness the power of a unified dashboard to oversee and regulate all RFlDdevices effortlessly. This comprehensive view facilitates swift responses to any potential issues, such asdevices going offline. By centralizing device management, businesses can uphold a secure shoppingenvironment and prevent any lapses in crucial data capture within the store. Additionally, optimizeprocesses and reduce downtime to enhance efficiency and productivity, also enabling the use of a devicemap to strategically position hardware and ensure seamless operations.

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Assign role-based permissions to ensure data security and accountability. Empower your team with access to the right information, improving productivity and collaboration. With customized security measures in place, you can rest assured that sensitive data is protected.

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Set up shipment reminders, synchronize device configurations, implement cross-loading rules to optimize workflows across businesses' retail ecosystem... By automating routine tasks and optimizing processes, companies will ensure smooth operations and maximize efficiency, spending less time managing logistics and more time focusing on growing their business.


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