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A Complete RFID Solution for You

At Century Solution, we are dedicated to provide RFID and Smart Solutions for all apparel and retail industries, helping businesses optimize their supply chain processes and inventory visibility by connecting merchandise data throughout the whole supply chain.

Transform Retail with the POWER of Digital Insights

Delivery and Counting Accuracy up to 99% 

According to retail businesses testimonials, after deploying different RFID tags/labels, RFID equipments and Management Platforms, all counting and delivery tasks have easily reached an accuracy of even 99% due to RFID implementation.

Merchandise Losses decreased by more than 10% 

By implementing RFID Solutions,1000+

Apparel & Footwear stores have experienced a significant improvement in merchandise loss due to human errors or confussions in working processes, enabling the real Product traceability along all Supply chain stages.

Inventory related labor hours decreased by 15%

20.000+ Retail Stores have experienced a remarkable efficiency increasement due to the fact that now staff can easily complete fast and accurate Inventory related tasks, providing more time to provide customers and improved in-store shopping experience.



Empowering Retail Industries

At Century Solution, we are passionate about empowering retail industries to achieve their goals. Our RFID and Smart Solutions help businesses optimize their supply chain processes and inventory visibility, making it easier to manage their operations and improve their bottom line. Our team of experts are dedicated to providing the best support and guidance to ensure our clients success.

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